Cybernetic Coven

Cybernetic Coven

What is the Cybernetic Coven?

The Cybernetic Coven, or CyCo, is an international collective supporting our small group of like-minded artists in our pursuit of creative and fulfilling work. We believe that it is possible, or should be possible, for artists to do the work that is meaningful to them, without relying on unsustainable or unhealthy practices.

Protecting Our Members

In an environment where artists are sometimes encouraged to sell themselves as social personas, CyCo aims to provide the collective's members with a degree of protection from unwanted exposure to harassment.

This means that in public spaces, we share responsibility for our social media presence across those members who enjoy that work; those who don't find fulfillment in social media marketing are not required or pressured to participate in it.

We try to follow this same pattern for all our work: if a member finds a task painful to do, we do our best to ensure that member is not required to perform that task—or is compensated appropriately for their sacrifice.

Building Something Sustainable

When CyCo undertakes a project, each member tracks the time and effort required to complete their part of the work. At the end of each month, then, we have a clear picture of not only how much labor each of us has put into our various projects, but also how meaningful that work was for each member.

This tells us how each of us ought to be compensated for our individual sacrifices, as well as providing us with crucial insight into where we may be overexerting ourselves personally on tasks that others might find more fulfilling.

After compensating everyone's labor, we keep some of what's left in reserve for future projects, and the rest gets split evenly amongst our membership.

Raising Funds

The Cybernetic Coven relies on donations from supportive fans and friends through Patreon, although for larger one-time funding pushes we may also use crowdfunding platforms to supplement our reserves.